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  • 9 November 2021
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Hi !


Just wanted to try the Commvault Cloud Commserve staging, as I’m trying to dig into SP to Plans conversion..

Following the documentation, I went to

But unfortunately, in the proposed Versions, my current Production version is not listed. I’m on 11FR21 (yes, FR, not SP anymore :kissing_smiling_eyes: ) :

So, is this a deprecated feature ? Or v11FR21 is not supported for staging, or just a missing FR ?

Of course, what I need to have is a staged environment in the same version as mine, not to a previous (might not work at all) or a next FR (might also not be relevant).. 

Or maybe I did not get the purpose of this CV CS staging..


I hope I don’t have to raise a case to report this, that’s why I’m asking our Community :wink:


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6 replies

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Editing one more time!

We’re looking into this.  Had a few conversations with a few people about the conflict.

I’ll update once everyone is in agreement and we have an answer!


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Still working on the tool side, though 21 is still supported but not for much longer:

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Thanks @Mike Struening !

Regarding lifecycle, yes, that’s one of my current problems : 

Upgrade to an LTS version, which is only FR24, in fact. 

I had a look at FR25 and I have to admit that Command Center ‘menus’ have improved a lot in that FR..

My environment comes from a v10, upgraded to v11, then through SPs to FR.. 

So, as many others out there, a lot of legacy-built features in use (SPs, no plans, indexing v1, partly external scheduler/job submission/control), java console usage, and each upgrade brings many surprises..

That’s why I think it’s high time to use the CS Staging feature :)

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Yeah, there’s definitely a time to upgrade, and you’re right there!

Generally, the advice is to upgrade to the highest Long Term Support version, unless a newer release has some super cool feature you absolutely want.

In your case, FR25 sounds tempting, and is likely your best course of action!

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Closing this off.  21 was not listed due to falling out of support.

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Old thread but how do I get access to the “staging portal”? The link in the documentation above takes me to a web console, not the portal itself.