Question of azure sql backup

  • 20 May 2024
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Now i have open ticket Case Update: 240520-133, My suspicious question as below.

  - What different between IAM AD application & IAM VM role assignment, now i setup with IAM VM does it mean all azure service will connect by commvault acess node on azure ?

  - Now i have commvault on-premise infra and then i create access node on azure by marketplace (access node byol) and the install mssql-agent service for backup is correct for best practise ?

  - As i see on document ( can be only setup to backup azure sql by only one way ? (Setting up an Application and Tenant for Azure Resource Manager :  app registration) as i see on azure now they can access via entraid.


Thank you for help, very hard to find clear document resource T___T

1 reply

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Hi, Do you still require answers on this or were they answered for you on the ticket?