VM stuck at Removal Snapshot process and will go offline from network perspective

  • 19 May 2024
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Hello Commvault Community,

I have an issue with Large VMware Backup with Commvault. VM size is around 1.6 TB, I have also enabled “File system and application consistent” for the VM.

The backup has been successful, but at the removing snapshot process VM is stuck/hang and VM will go offline from the networks perspective and be in a snapshot removal state, pretty much unusable. I have to reset the VM manually.

Here what we have : 

VSA : Win2016 11.32.35

Transport Type : HotAdd

MA : RHEL 11.32.35


Please suggest.

2 replies


I also have found this alert at the job that Commvault has failed to remove snapshot.



Snapshot removal in general is just an API call we sent to VMware. The tasks and evens in VMware can tell you if any operation (IE. VM reconfiguration:hot added disk removal from the proxy VM) did not finish before snapshot removal request was sent. I’d start with VMware tasks and events...