Backup job failed.

  • 10 July 2022
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Hello team,
My name is Netanel and I come from a wesure insurance company,
We need urgent help because our commvault system is constantly experiencing Backup job failed and similar glitches,
We will be happy if you contact us as soon as possible !!!.

Thanks ,


2 replies

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@netanel  What do you think this is, some form of support department? I assume your company is paying for support, so I would strongly advice you to open a ticket at Commvault support! Good luck and please come back later with something more appropriated!

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@netanel , as @Onno van den Berg mentioned, this is a community where we casn discuss issues and questions, though this is not in lieu of opening a support case if you want someone to call you.

I would advise either opening a support case, or providing more information here so we can try and assist (i.e. job type, error coce, product version, etc.).