Can we backup vcenter appliance using snapshot backup?

  • 21 January 2022
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We have a VMware vcenter, through which we browse and backup VMs.  We would like to backup the appliance, what is the best practise. Using same VMware snapshot backup?


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3 replies

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Hi @ameersyed,


As per the documentation:

If vCenter is running on a virtual machine, you can use a Virtual Server Agent backup to protect the virtual machine as well as the vCenter database and files. This is the recommended method for backing up a vCenter Server Appliance.

When vCenter runs on a virtual machine, consider the following points when using the Virtual Server Agent to back up the VM:

  • Configure a separate subclient for a virtual machine where vCenter is running.
  • Schedule backups at a time when other backups for the vCenter are not running.


Hope this helps.

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it’s a linux based vCenter appliance. Do we need to install VMware agent ? or can it be added directly to commvault.

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hi @ameersyed 

Never try to install anything inside the VCSA:wink: . Keep it untouched as from VMWare, this way’ll always get support from them. And with Commvault no need to install something inside it.

You just need to deploy/setup a VSA proxy or add this to your MediaAgent to be able to protect your VCSA. Details through @MichaelCapon ‘s link