Commcell installation - installation paths

  • 6 January 2023
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Hi all,

I would like to discuss location and sizing of fundamental installation directory.


Installation Path - it should be the local system disk, required space will be used from the system disk

Index Cache Path - it shouldnt be the local system disk, at least 200GB free space needed

Database Engine Installation Path - could it be the local system drive? The space is allocated by the installer itself

Commserve Database Installation Path - at least 200 GB free space for Medium environment, should it be different than local drive?

Disaster Recovery Path - it has to be available if the local system crashes


2 replies

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The Index should be local to a MediaAgent as MediaAgents host indexing functions.  When installing the CommServe, it asks for an index location so that certain types of jobs can be run, such as DR jobs prior to a MediaAgent being installed.  It is not common for the CommServe to be the client to process index information for normal jobs. 

The CommServe database should be on a different local drive than the installation if possible.
Your DR backups should preferably should go to a network drive with a copy going to either your own cloud library, the Commvault cloud, or both.

Yes the DB management engine can be on the local system drive

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Hi @Orazan, thank you so much for your answer!


To sum up, in general, for Commserve server, I need just only two disks - local system disk for Installation Path, Index Cache Path, Database Engine Installation Path  and other different disk for Commserve Database Installation Path. For Media agent server I need - local system disk for Installation Path and additional one disk for Index Cache directory and one disk for Deduplication database. Of course, number of disks for DDB depends on the size of the environment -

Just one question, what is the recommended size for the local system disk for Commserve server?

Feel free to correct me, if there is anything wrong!