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  • 5 March 2021
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Hello everyone, We try to make it easier for our users to use the Edge Drive functionality so that they have easier access to their documents even when they work from home because of COVID19. 
We want to allow them to use the Edge Drive uploader tool, because we have internally banned the use of some cloud solutions (Dropbox, OneDrive, etc)

Since I understand that turning on Edge for clients means that these folders are backed up, I want to ask for advice, to make it easier for everyone, without burdening the backup itself from the other side. If I tell users that they use folders for Edge Drive) that they normally have set to be saved (for example My documents) will this mean that they are saved twice in the backup. 

What do you recommend, that the backup from the EDGE drive may be disabled, but then we risk if someone chooses a different folder that it will not be saved in case of a failure.

Thank you


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Thanks for the question @Vladan Kojanic !

To confirm, your concern is essentially if you utilize the Edge backups, are you somehow backing up the same data twice if you have the laptop installed with a File System iDA as well?

I’ll do some internal research to see if we filter that out or if you need to do so.

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Default Edge drive contents are not part of laptop backup. default Location is C:\users\<username>\edge drive and it is excluded. If you change location, you can use plan or policy to remove content from laptop backup to avoid duplication.

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Thank you for your help. What we need is that a certain number of employees have ONE common folder in which the documentation is stored and that each of them has access rights. We have defined one file server and one shared user for these employees. They will use Edge Drive Uploader (same user). 
To make everything go to one shared folder on this fileserver. What we tested over the weekend, that Edge Drive (F :) is filled with information, but now I don't know how to define it to be backed up. Is it assumed that the Edge Drive is in the backup system or does something special need to be defined. It is important to us that this is preserved as well.


@Vladan Kojanic , if you have not configured offline edge drive on the laptops, then these folders are not getting backed up as part of edge drive backups. However, if you have defined your backup content as office documents etc, its possible they would get backed up. However, with dedupe, the backend data wouldnt grow.

For edge drive uploader tool, to upload to a common share folder, how did you authenticate users on each laptop? Are you using a common user account?

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@Bhavyan M Yes, we set the same, share.user account in EdgeDrive Uploader for them. As they have needs to share documents (lets say permits) so few of them need to have right to see them, and some have rights to upload more info/documents. That EdgeDrive have files in folders, I just curios how to be sure that will be backuped as well.