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  • 26 January 2021
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Hello everyone,

I am writing this post to talk about one of the options that has given me the most help in day-to-day administration:

The job controller filters

When every day there are a multitude of recurring jobs from different agents, policies and clients running at all hours, it is good to have the ones we need to review located at all times. To do this, we can create custom filters by distinguishing between agents, libraries, policies, etc. Just by clicking the + button at the right on the Job Controller tab. These are some examples of what can be done

I think this option is better than the search bar as it saves you time when doing the same filters all days in the morning review. With a few clicks, you have at a glance the jobs that are Pending / Queued / Waiting, those that are using the tape library, AuxiliaryCopies and BackupCopies, etc, etc.


What do you think about this option? Do you know any other tips to help with daily administration?





1 reply

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This is great, thank you Pedro - keep those tips coming.

There are so many things to help make administration easier you pick up along the way. Once you have been using the software for a bit they become second nature, and you rarely notice using them. My personal favorite is the search bar in Command Center that now has functions and actions. So you can search for a client/subclient and run a backup straight from the search bar rather than having to drill down the tree. Or you can add a new VM group very quickly without having to go through the virtualization pane.

This is an older video and it has been way enhanced in the last ~9 months, but it demonstrates what I mean.