Update on v1 Compliance Archiver data support in CCC and v2 Indexing

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Providing an update on new support to eliminate v1 indexing infrastructure where it was used only for the legacy Compliance Archiver for journal email data.

New in FR23 is the support to search BOTH v1 Compliance Archiver, which uses V1 Indexing ,and v2 indexing data in the Command Center Console!


From the search results, when you add the data to a Case it will be re-indexed, at the item level, in v2 indexing.  All v1 data can be added to a case to have it all re-indexed in v2 so v1 indexing infrastructure can be retired.


Notes on importing data from v1 Compliance Archiver agent into v2 (FR23)

  1. Once added to a case the data is re-indexed in v2 indexing
  2. Migration info:
    1. Step 1: Add items from search results to a Case
    2. Use Data type “Exchange Journaling” to search Compliance Archiver emails
    3. This kicks off v2 indexing job of the legacy data
    4. Data in a Case is put on hold automatically, at item level
    5. Could “migrate” all data using a wildcard search, but do it in batches based on years so done in batches at a time
  3. After the the require data has all be “migrated” the v1 indexing infrastructure could be retired if it ONLY has the data that was “migrated”

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