Availability communicated maintenance releases

  • 14 February 2024
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Last week we received a mail notifying us that new maintenance relapses were available. We run both FR32 and FR34. 

•    11.34.11 (06-Feb-2024)
•    11.32.42 (06-Feb-2024)

For both platform releases we now notice that those maintenance releases are not available anymore, instead MA shows 11.32.43 and 11.34.13.

What happend to the maintenance releases who were made available last week? Were they pulled back or were they replaced, without communication, because new critical fixes were released? What should you do when you are running on 11.34.11 or 11.32.42?

3 replies

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Good question. Last Monday I downloaded 11.32.42 and upgraded a CommCell and two days later I see the monthtly Maintenance release has been changed to 11.32.43.

It brings only three hotfixes:

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It actually might contain more hotfixes then mentioned, because there is a gap between the first update and the last update in MR42. 

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Just received a MR availability notice via mail regarding the availability of new hotfix packs…… But still no idea why they release another set of hotfixes outside of the regular frequency.