Commvault software upgrade on Clients(Oracle, SAP, SQL DB severs)

  • 13 April 2024
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I have few client with Oracle, SQL, SAP databases hosting in the clients.

Our current Commvault software version is 11.28 and the few of the clients are in 11.17 and 11.20 versions.

I plan to upgrade the software in the client and while pushing the software to this clients, I see 2 options.

1.Reboot the client if required.

2.Run Database maintenance

Now, if I check the “Run Database maintenance”, What will be the implications?

Will it stop the database? or without stopping the database, will it just check the checkdb and reindexall?

I need to know if checking the 2nd option will bring the database, as the server that I’m gonna upgrade is production servers.

Let me know the best practice.



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2 replies

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Hope you’re well.

Good question… the answer is here:


  1. To perform database maintenance for the CommServe computer and the clients that have server packages installed, such as the Web Server and Workflow Engine, move the Run database maintenance (includes checkdb and reindexall) toggle key to the right.

It doesn’t ‘stop’ your database, it just does a checkdb and reindexall where required, it won’t restart services or anything like that if that’s your concern (the dbmaintenance portion).

It’s also only applicable to servers that have the above packages installed… so those clients i doubt would.



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Hi Chris,


Thanks for explaining about it.



Kiran Kumar