Upgrade Commvault 11.20 to 11.32, and also upgrade from Windows Server 2019-2022

  • 18 September 2023
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We are currently running Commvault in a VM 11.20.168 on Windows Server 2019, and also using a FREL.

As the title states, I would like to upgrade the Commvault release from 11.20.168 to the latest version 11.32, and also the Windows Server version. We have 4 instances that I maintain, and it is a closed network (I have to download the update files and transfer them over).

This VM was previously running Windows Server 2012R2 but I upgraded our instances to Windows 2019. I could just do an in place upgrade again to 2022, but maybe it is best to make a new VMs.


Please share your thoughts and recommendations.


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Hi @ComBak 


Assuming that Commserve does not have Media agent installed, you can seamlessly upgrade the Commserve from 11.20.X to 11.32.X.


If the current VM meets the Feature Release 32, system requirements and hardware Specifications, you can proceed with the in place OS upgrade and the Feature Release 32 upgrade


CommServe Server: System Requirements (Windows)

Hardware Specifications for the CommServe Server



To upgrade OS in the existing Commserve VM Machine you can refer to any of the below 2 procedures.

To create a new Commserve VM and perform a DR restore you can refer to the below document.





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Hi @Nutan Pawar G,


So the media agent is the Commcell itself, and we have a FREL media agent for the linux backups.

I’ve done the in place upgrade before from win 2012 to 2019, So I should be able to go to 2022.

Sorry if I missed it, I didn’t see the documentation to go from 11.20 to 11.32.

Also, would it be better to upgrade the OS first, or Commvault?



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Hi ComBak,


I shouldn't really matter, you should be able to do it either way, although I would be more comfortable upgrade the OS first, then Commvault.

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Thanks for your replies guys.