What happened to O365 Exchange Online Recovery Points in 2023E ?

  • 29 January 2024
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Is it no longer necessary to create Exchange Recovery Points for Exchange Online or might this be a bug?






8 replies

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Hello @DiWi

The Create Recovery Point option is now under the new "Monitoring" section in Commvault Platform Release 2023E (FR32)

Restoring an Exchange Online Mailbox to a Point in Time


The purpose of recovery points is for disaster recovery, like for example ransomware event and you only need an image of the mailbox on a specific date. For finding ranges or dates of emails the filter options with date range are recommended.


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Hello Scott,

thanks for replying so fast, appreciated. I carefully read the documentation entry in Commvault 2023E (11.32) regarding ‘Restoring an Exchange Online Mailbox to a Point in Time’.


Unfortunately the documentation is not up-to-date, something I already noticed several times in the last years. That’s very bad and should be regularly updated imo!


When you launch ‘Command Center’ you have the following options on the left pane …


Command Center (Protect)

From the documentation ‘Protect > Applications > Office 365.’ … Applications is no longer available. Should be corrected in the docu.


As soon as you click ‘Office 365’ under ‘Protect’ and choose the relevant ‘App’ and then ‘Mailboxes’ and you search for the mailbox and select it, you only have the option to restore the last backup retention point. If you click the relevant Mailbox name you get the following screen, where you have the option to choose a different date (in this case the 1st of September 2023) but unfortunately there is no option to create an Exchange Recovery Point here for a much older selected date …



You only have a ‘Restore’-option then and if this implies the automatic creation of an Exchange Recovery Point then be it, but I nowhere see an option to create a specific ‘Exchange Recovery Point’ like in older versions.


I remember we had an old ‘Exchange Recovery Point’ from 2021 in 2022E and it already expired in 2022 but never disappeared! With the update to 2023E it vanished, so I thought something had changed with ‘Exchange Recovery Points’ in 11.32 !


Furthermore if I click on ‘Monitoring’, I also cannot find an option to create ‘Exchange Recovery Point’. …




Can you please clarify?




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Hello euMike,

what exact version of Commvault Backup & Recovery you use please? I don’t find these options here.




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Hi DiWi,

11.34. I just checked and it is the same with 11.32.



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Hello euMike,

very interesting. We have 11.32.36 installed …



… and these are the options we can see …




Now, I am really curious why we don’t see Monitoring and Reports, nor the button ‘Create Recovery Points’ ?


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Any ideas?

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