Backup of AWS and Veritas Cluster Environments

  • 25 April 2022
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Hello Experts,


I am working on a proposal for a large Korean manufacturing company that is migrating its IT infrastructure to AWS.


1. Backup environment
- Backup Source: AWS EC2 VMs, Veritas Cluster File System, File Data
- Backup Storage: AWS S3 Object Storage


2. Unusual characteristics of previous backup tests
- Tested Backup Solutions: Veritas NetBackup, DellEMC NetWorker, Veeam
- When backing up the environment using AWS EC2 VM and Veritas Cluster File System to S3 storage, AWS EBS storage was used as the cache (staging ?) area.
- In particular, the Veeam solution used more EBS storage as a cache (staging ?) area than Veritas NetBackup and DellEMC NetWorker.


3. What needs to be confirmed
1) When performing a backup for the above environment with Commvault, is AWS EBS storage used as the cache (staging ?) area?
- The conclusion that the customer reached after discussion with AWS and Veritas is that all backup solutions will use AWS EBS storage as the cache (staging ?) area.
2) If AWS EBS storage is used as the cache (staging ?) area, how to estimate the expected usage?
- Can you technically explain that it will be using Veritas NetBackup or DellEMC NetWorker level, rather than using high-capacity EBS storage like Veeam?


When a customer selects a Backup solution, the size of the capacity using EBS storage will have a very large influence.



Kim KK


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5 replies

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Hi All,


From what I've looked up, Commvault supports 3 AWS backup methods.

  1) Agent-in-guest Streaming method

  2) Virtual Server Agent (VSA) Streaming method

  3) Virtual Server Agent (VSA) IntelliSnap® method


Method 1) is the same method as Veritas NetBackup and DellEMC NetWorker backup on AWS.

Method 2) is the same as Veeam's backup method.

Therefore, if Commvault uses method 1) when backing up an environment using Veritas Cluster on AWS, I think Commvault will also use the EBS Cache volume at the level used by Veritas NetBackup and DellEMC NetWorker.


Please let me know if I have a reasonable and valid idea or if I have misunderstood something.



Kim KK

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@KyungKee Kim Following up on this thread.  Were you able to get confirmation of your plans?


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The customer agrees that Commvault can perform backups with "Agent-in-guest Streaming method", unlike Veeam's Snapshot method.

In addition, the customer inquired about the EBS usage used by CommServe, MediaAgent (DDB & Index cache), and Access nodes when configuring Commvault.


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Did you need more assistance or is this solved for you?

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The issue with the customer's initial question has been resolved.

EBS usage of Commvault components will be calculated separately.