ERROR CODE [19:857]: waiting on user input [Delete Mount Path]

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Hi @Jordan @Mike Struening 

I have a question during the topic. 

So i try delete MP - i working with your advice, but also send mail for authorization to admin and i have below error. 


ERROR CODE [19:857]: waiting on user input [Delete Mount Path [ [cvbackup] H:\P_QNAP (MQNWX2_02.08.2021_13.16) from Library - DiskLibQnap ] requested by [ UMO\mjosko.domadm ]]


View Contents returns an empty list.

There seems to be data on the disk as Size on Disk indicates
several / several hundred GB (similarly the size of the folder on the disk).

Despite the empty list of View Contents, the data on the disk was only deleted after
some time. As I can see, there is something else left.

What does the data erasure mechanism depend on?


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@kszaf , is this the same as the other thread I replied to?  Might need a case created here as well, my friend!

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@kszaf , following up on this thread.  Is this issue resolved?

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@kszaf , I’m following up on some older threads.  

Were you able to find a solution that worked for you?