Backup VMs on ESXi hosts

  • 15 October 2021
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I’m trying to backup a Virtual machine (Linux) hosted on a ESXi server.

I’m facing issue when triying to add a client computer and entering host credentials after choosing “VmWare Vcenter” in Virtualisation section.

ESXi is in V5.5 and CommVault V11.

Thank you for your help.


5 replies

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To complete information, the primary need is to migrate the VM from this ESXi to HyperV infrastructure.

So I try to backup the VM to restore it in HyperV infrastructure.



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VMware to Hyper V conversion? What is the problem you are facing? Is there an error being presented or do you need more info on the process itself?


@BenGodi first you need to add the vCenter to Client Computers and you need to use an username that has Administrator role at vCenter level (local username or domain one).

Then inside the vCenter client you need to create the subclient (in defaultBackupSet) and add the VM in the subclient content. Once done you can run the backup manually or create a Schedule Policy for it.

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Thank you for your answer, but in this case, there is no Vcenter. This is a stand alone ESXi.

This is why I am posting here. With a VCenter, the procedure is pretty clear.

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@BenGodi , I unmarked the Best Answer based on your feedback.

To @Aplynx ‘s question, are you seeing any error messages?  What’s the issue you are facing when you try?