Cloning vms

  • 22 February 2021
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Imagine the following situation:


  • You have a VM, with windows .
  • Machine is called VM1.
  • That VM1 has a file agent, and -for example- an Oracle system configured.
  • That VM1 is being cloned, on virtualization level, to VM2.
  • Of course, VM2 is being renamed on machine level to VM2. (hostname).

How can we reuse the same commvault agent VM1 settings, and “clone” it to VM2.

With that I mean : without reinstalling everything of commvault on VM2, and without the need to figure out the passwords which were used in VM1 Oracle agent.

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You would need to reinstall the agent on the newly cloned machine. If the cloned machine is replacing the original, you can ‘edit’ the display\client\host names to match the new vm2 and all the settings\backups history would be saved. 


If you are running VSA backups, the cloned machine would have a new UUID so it would create a new machine in the GUI to represent it.