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I’m trying to integrate a Kubernetes (K8) Cluster with Commvault (CV), and it throws the following error.

I have checked the connectivity between the VSA server and the k8 cluster, they are talking to reach other.

Any idea?


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Hi @TM Divya 

Thank you for the question and welcome to the Community!

Please would you confirm what version of Commvault you are running and your environment meets these Supported Configurations for Kubernetes.

The error suggests an issue with the credentials - are you able to confirm these credentials are correct separately?



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Thanks @Stuart Painter 

The Commvault version is 11.22.17 and the K8 Distribution is RKE.

Yes, I confirm the credential are correct. 






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Hi Divya

Checking Add the Kubernetes Cluster, does the user account have the cluster admin role assigned?

  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > Kubernetes.

    The Clusters page appears.

  2. Click Add cluster.

    The Add cluster page appears.

  3. In the API server endpoint box, enter the API server endpoint URL.

    Typically, the URL is https://kube-apiserver:kube-apiserver_port_number. If you do not know the URL, you can use the kubectl config view command.

  4. In the Name box, type a name for the cluster.

  5. Select the authentication method:

    • Service account: Enter the Kubernetes service account name, and then copy the token into the Service token box.

      A Kubernetes service account that is used to access Kubernetes must have the cluster admin role assigned.

    • User name and password: Enter the user name and password.

  6. From the Access node list, select the access node to use for the cluster.

    To configure a new access node for the cluster, click Configure access node.

  7. Click Save.





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Hi Stuart,

yes the service account has the admin role assigned. 

I have followed all the steps mentioned and the ones you have mentioned above (from the Commvault document) as well.

Is there any specific requirement or configuration addon’s needed when Commvault is integrated with RKE? 





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@TM Divya , I asked around a few guys here and the consensus was to open a support case.  I’m not seeing anything matching your exact issue and error in our database.