End User access to Exchange Shared Mailbox through Web Console

  • 15 September 2021
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End Users are allowed to access their own mailbox through Web Console.

Is there a way to allow them access to the Shared Mailboxes they have access to?

5 replies

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Hi @Zoltan 

Thanks for the question!

Please take a look at Viewing Mail Messages in Delegated Mailboxes:

Before You Begin

If you cannot see delegated mailboxes in the Web Console, ask your administrator to configure collecting delegated mailboxes.




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@Stuart Painter In the docs, Exchange (Classic) is mentioned. Does it work for Office365, too?

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@Zoltan , the first link @Stuart Painter shared is for Office 365:


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Hi Mike,


True, except that the configuration link points to “Exchange Agent”:

Just wanted to confirm that it is correct. :)


Will go ahead and configure it.


Thank you,


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Better safe than sorry!  Keep us posted :sunglasses: