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  • 14 October 2021
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Hello Guys,

I have a Commvault laboratory and need update version.

Version today: 11.22.41

I would like to update to version more than 11.22

What is the best version to update?

Just for a test

another question: Do i need to install agent to Vcenter?



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2 replies

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Hi Fernando,


Are you talking about upgrading the Feature Release or Maintenance Release?

For Feature Release, I would recommend upgrading to FR24. As per Commvault MA:

  v11.24 includes the most recent features and is the recommended target for any new upgrades. Maintenance Releases will be issued for this release.

It also happens that FR24 was designated as Long Term Support Release, so you will enjoy 3 years of full support for this version.

As for Maintenance release, it’s always advised to go to the latest Maintenance Release. For FR22, this is Maintenance Release 11.22.45 (Oct 05, 2021) .

For vCenter, you will need to upgrade the Virtual Server Agent.



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Hello @Jeremy 

I update the CommCel and the clientes and how can i update Vcenter? Do i need to install package in the client?