Hyper-V Storage Spaces - Snapshots

  • 17 September 2021
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Will the Virtual Server Snapshot Agent support Hyper-V Storage spaces at some point in the future

(Or is there some support at the moment? BOL indicates the Snapshot Engine for VSAs is only VMware VSAN/VxRail)


Many thanks in advance



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Hey @YYZ , hope all is well!

I see Hyper-V listed for a bunch of arrays here in the 11.24 page:

Looks like pretty much all that support VMWare support Hyper-V as well.

Let me know if that was what you were looking for!

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Hi Mike

If it was Hyper V with a HDS, Pure or other external hardware array, then the it would be simple. 


This is Storage Spaces Direct, Microsofts "software defined SAN", that takes disks in each hyperv server and creates a "shared storage" space across the connected hyper V servers.


Vmwares equivalent is vSAN and the Virtual Server Snapshot Storage Agent seems to support vSAN


I couldn't see if there was support for the Microsoft CSV shares on Microsoft Storage Spaces


Or if it was possibly coming down the track

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Hello YYZ,

I looked into this and it appears that it will be unsupported for Host level backups. Here is a  corroborating doc from MS.

Hope this helps.


Using Storage Spaces Direct in guest virtual machine clusters


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Thanks Mike, @jimP 

part of the reason for reaching out was:

  1. BOL ‘intimates’ its supported in Azure Stack (on Prem)
    1. I wondered whether there might be a common technology element allowing Storage Spaces Direct to be supported
  2.  And with Azure Cloud - There’s an Intellisnap for very specific types of Azure VM disks
    1. i.e You can Intellisnap, but no Intellisnap Engine is shown or visible when it comes to Azure VMs
  3. and for an on prem Hyper-V Subclient, the IntelliSnap Tab shows, and allows you to step through an Intellisnap configuration  and select a Virtual Snapshot Agent Engine
    1. and then undertake a Backup that actually shows up as a Snap Backup in the Job Controller
    2. But it doesn't actually look like a snap backup
      1. But its likely just taking a streaming Hyper-V backup and not a snap and the Snapshot workflow does not run - ie there's no ‘Snap’ process followed by a Backup Copy Process





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At this time I have not found anything suggesting it will be supported. This could change in the future though. I get what you are saying but Microsoft is stating its not supported to checkpoint (snap) the VMs. For all these operations CV will leverage the APIs to the vendor. I just don’t have any more data on it. This might be best handled by opening a case, in order for it to be tracked and get the question to Development. They would be able to shed some more light on this.