Is there a way to report on individual server backup capacity

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Ver11 SP16


Is there a way to report on how much space an individual server(s) backup is consuming on disk. Optimally I would be able to run this report through out the entire environment (every server)


Looking specifically for VSA backups?

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Hey @Kevin O'Neill , hope all is well!

Are you looking to how much space client X is taking up on its Storage Policy library, or disk across ALL libraries in the CommCell?

You can get the data for either via the Jobs on Storage Policy copies report, though you may need to do some adding depending on what you’re looking for.

Granted, the data is there so there’s always the option of creating a Custom Report, though that requires a bit of SQL skill (though if you’re comfortable with that, you can go here to learn how to create a custom report.

Sharing an answer that was posted for a similar request:

When running the report “Jobs in Storage Policy Copies”, on the General tab, select the storage policy so that all copies under are selected as well. Also check the box for Associated media which would provide the location for the job in the report. On the Time Range tab, make sure to select First Job to Last Job for the View From option. 

Once the report is generated:

Summary By Storage Policy Copies at the top will show Jobs [# of jobs] on Copy for each copy under the Storage Policy.


 Jobs in Storage Policy Copies section will list jobs along with the Storage policy name and the copy name as well as rest of the information you require.

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Not sure if this will come in to play but just wanted to let you know that its unlikely you could get the ‘actual’ disk usage for each client - with deduplication (assuming you are using it) that becomes hidden as each server deduplicates against each other. In reality though, deduplication should be seen as an infrastructure savings rather than try to pass on the ‘actual’ data written for chargeback etc.


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I’m using QS_Backendstorage SQL stored procedure for clients chargeback. It gives you used backend storage per subclient. 

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That’s awesome, thanks @lborek !!

@Kevin O'Neill , I think you have a solid lead here :nerd:

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Not sure if I get it properly, but on my side, I use the Chargeback report as the source, removing many columns, but adding some other, to make sure I have subclients (=vms for me) and Media Size, for example.