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i was run Synthectic full backup manual, after some percent like 23% backuo is stopped but showing runing but there any no any chnage. so I Killed that job and run again same synthetic full backup now backup is going very slow, I am not sure synthetic full bckup will not be 100% done. and currently in my console alert error is coming =  “

License Consomed Exceeds 8%’

System has reached over 100 percent of the limit for [Operating Instances] usage. Jobs may not run. Purchased quantity [1]: consumed quantity [1].


kindly arrange me support 

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Hey @Manoj Gusain !

That message means you have exceeded the number of physical servers (called operating Instances) that you are licensed for.

Did you or anyone recently install any more servers?

Run a License Summary report (ensure the boxes for Operating Instances and Virtual Operating Instances are enabled) and then check your Operating Instances usage.

  You’ll see every server that is using a license and how many you are licensed for.  See if any of these servers are newer/uneeded.

Conversely, if all of them are needed you likely need to acquire additional licenses through your Account Rep, but let’s do our due diligence first.

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As showing in picture we are not using more than one license and we are not using in many server. yet synthetic full backup is not completing once again full backup after 23% not going further from long time we are waiting now we are not killing that job kingly arrange me help on any desk or on any remote platform we are unable to find solution please contact me on my registered mail id. 


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@Manoj Gusain , the screenshot you sent is showing that the report ran, but none of the details of your usage.

If you can post the actual usage details I can advise.

If you do call support and open a new case, please share the incident number with me so I can follow up on the solution.

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sir we are trying to create new incident but there are showing sub account activation pending .

how can i create new incident

after run license summary report we get these report


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@Manoj Gusain multiple problems here..

Quick answer to advance : from the Maintenance Advantage, use the Chat now feature. By some means you could be able to log a case. 

Now, regarding SubAccounts management, when your Commcell ID has been created, an email address has been attached to it. This normally was registered as the owner of ‘your account’. He/she is the one that is able to validate the next pending subaccounts that have been created since.

It means that, you have to get those credentials, login to MaintenanceAdvantage with those credentials, go to PendingSubAccounts, and validate them. You can also make sure to give those SubAccounts the right to manage other SubAccounts, so that if new SubAccounts are created, you won’t need to login with the Master SubAccount, but with your own..


Regarding your license issue, first of all, do you know the details of your purchased license? Is it per Capacity, per Usage, per Feature, or mixed ? Has this license been updated / modified recently ?

From this report, only 1 server is consuming the license and it looks OK then.

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I have created new Incident 210609-185

Synthetic Full backup stuck on 23%. Incremental Backup runs fine



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Glad to see you managed to open a case !

Feel free to update us. I’m curious to know the root cause.

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Thanks for sharing, @Manoj Gusain !

Looking at the incident, I can see the license message was a red herring and the real error is “Mount path is offline. Please check if the mount path is online and accessible.  The offline reason shown on mount path properties will indicate why it's unavailable. “

Regarding the Maintenance Advantage issue, @Laurent is correct.  Looks like you are logging in as the Parent Account which is the initial account created to administer the other users.  Log in as your sub account and create a case (for next time).

Keep us posted on the library issue.

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Mount path is working and is accessible some one also checked yesterday from Commvault,  mount path is working good but synthetic full backup stucking again and again while as incremental backup going progress