MS SQL Granular restore - Huge Database Problems with the mount

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Hi, we want to Test a Table Restore with a database size is about 1TB.

With smaller Database it works.

But with the 1 TB DB, the restore hangs. Could this be a Problem with Diskspace for the 3DFS on our Windows Media Server ? 


Peter Rupp

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Hi Peter,


Is this restore coming from block-level or snap backup?


How much space is on the volume hosting the Job Results directory on the destination client?


This will be getting used as a cache for blocks being restored here as part of the block-level browse and if this is low on space we can see performance issues occurring. 




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Hi @ddwyer ,

it is a block-level backup.

You mean the JobResults under C:\Program Files\Commvault\ContentStore\iDataAgent\JobResults ?

There is on the destination client about 150GB free.

I have modified the 3DFS Cache root directory on the client. 

How can i move the JobResults Directory to another Disk ?!




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Hey @Peter Rupp , you can move the folder via these instructions:

Let me know if that helps!