NAS transport mode backups independent disks

  • 27 January 2021
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I have implemeted NAS transport mode for the backups of Vmware Virtual machines residing on a NAS.

In books online ( I can read that independent disks and RDMs are skipped during the backup. This is what I’m used to when using NDB, Hotadd or SAN transport mode. With NAS transport mode it seems that the independent disk does get a backup. I can even browse it to do restores (VM files or guest files). We are not using intellisnap, so no hardware snapshots are made and the options to include RDM and independent disks are not selected.

I double checked in VMware and the disk of the VM is configured as independent, the moment the backup starts, I can see that the other disks of the VM get snapshotted and the independent disk does not get a snapshot as expected. But it is included in the backup job. Does anyone know if this is because of the NAS transport mode (first time I used it).



3 replies

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Hey Wesley,

Without seeing any logs it’s hard to say why the independent disk is still being backed up even though you have not selected to do this.

There may be a fault which needs investigating further and so I would advise to open a support case so we can assist you further here.


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Hi Edd,

Thanks for the reply, I first wanted to check to see if I missed some information on “NAS mode” :-)

I will engage with support to have a look.



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It is possible to protect RDM/Independent disks - there is an option if using intellisnap, assume you are not though


edit: saw your reply, you are not :)