Problem with copy media LTO4 (IBM Tape library) to LTO7 (HPE Tape Library)

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I have IBM Tape library TS3200 with LTO4 media. Now we have a new Tape library HPE with LTO7 media. How we can copy data from LTO4 Media (old Tape library) to LTO7 Tape library.

Which way is recomended? Maybe Media Refresh??

Thank you!
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Hey @elizabeta,

Wow LTO4 to LTO7 is a big leap, nice :blush:  - Yes, Media Refresh sounds like the perfect feature to solve this. The docs can walk you through the proceedure, but if you are not sure or get stuck you can write back here and we can give you as hand.

Media refresh is useful in these scenarios:

  • Consolidate data that is spread across several tapes. Media attached to storage policy copies with extended retention rules often result in partially used tapes. For example, consider database backups where the data gets pruned and the transaction logs are retained.
  • Move the data to another media during an upgrade of the tape library model
  • You wish to replace an old media with a new media.

    You may require to copy the data to a new media due to expiration of media shelf life for compliance purposes. For example, you can copy data from LT04 media to LT07 media.

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Hi Elizabeta,


you should use the function “Media Refresh”



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Ok, you recommend this option Media Refresh. I have to copy content from LTO4 from IBM Tape Library to LTO7 from HPE Library. 

I have doubts because HPE Tape library have drive which is Default Media type Ultruim V7 and Ultrium V6 (there is no Ultrium V4).How can I use Media Refresh between two different Tape libraries (IBM and HPE) Tape Library HPE have not drive compatibility for Ultrium V4?Best regards,Elizabeta
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that should be a problem because you configure the library first in addition. So the old library is been used for reading the LTO4 tapes.

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Which library needs to be configured?Old IBM TS3200 (drive use only Ultruim V4 media) or new HPE Tape library (two drive both use Ultrium V6 and Ultrium V7)?
Then suppose it can be used option Media Refresh?BR,Elizabeta

Elizabeta, just to make sure : will you have both LTO4 tape library and LTO7 tape library available?

Or do you just have the LTO4 tapes and the LTO7 tape library+blank LTO7 tapes ?

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Both LTO4 and LTO7 tape library are available, tapes LTO4 are in IBM Tape library and tapes LTO7 are in HPE Tape library.

We mean copy content from LTO4 tape to blank LTO7 tape for backup archives.
And after a while shut down then the old IBM Tape library...
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On documentation on commvault there is option also:

Move Contents of Media from One Tape to Another (


Whether this method is recommended?BR,Elizabeta


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Hi that latest is don’t know. But looks almost the same.
If I’m correct you are not able to read the a LTO4 tape in LTO7 drive. Because you only can 2 generations back.
So from my opinion you should use your old library  for reading and then write it to your new library.

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I thought someone has experience with switching from old Tape library to the new Tape library, is the Media Refresh option used to copy tapesIn the near future, our plan is to shut down the old Tape library, before the retentions on LTO4 tapes expireSo we thought of copying the contents of the tapes from LTO4 to LTO7.Also, a backup is already being done on the new tape library…Best regards,Elizabeta