Remove commcell user email

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Hi all,

I would like to remove the email for a commcell user profile

I’ve tried from Commcell console but it’s not allowed. I’ve tried from command line (QOperation.exe) but using an empty string has no effect.


Is it possible to remove the email?

Thanks in advance

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I don’t have any bulk update method, though if it is just a local user, try adding in a fake address, though that might result in errors.

I think your idea of a custom group is probably best, though I don’t see any command line operation without making customer scripts.

How many alerts do you have to edit?

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I’ve reached out to a colleague to see if we have any scripts that will do that (that I couldn’t find).  We’ll find something more efficient for you.


Hi Giacomo,

There is no option to mass change the users notified under Alerts.

If you would like to have an option for it, please open a case and someone from support could reach out to development to see if it can be done.

If you decide to open a case please include a screenshot showing where you would like the change made.



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@Giacomo , hope all is well!

Can you confirm that this is a local CV user?  If it’s an SSO/AD user, then we are just pulling it from Active Directory.

If I may ask, what is your end goal here?  Want to be sure we are guiding you properly.

Also want to ensure that if you ever plan to invoke Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), then email is required.

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Hi Mike,

thank you for answer!

Yes, it’s local user and I can confirm that the MFA is not active for it


My goal is to disable alerts for this user: I have added email for test but I don’t want to receive email alerts.

This user is member of group master, but I don't want to remove it from this group

Alternatively, I had thought to send alert to a custom group, but I would not to change all the alerts one by one manually; is there a tip to bulk update them?


Thank you

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Yes, I don’t like to add fake address, as you say It could be generate errors.

I need to change all the alerts in the Commcell console, I don’t know the number, but in the notify settings they have all master as default group

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Hi @Giacomo,

I have a couple of questions regarding this. You looking for a couple of things here; one where you can remove a Local Users email Address from their profile, and a second where you can update the ‘Users to be notified’ under Alerts? is this correct?

As for modifying the email address to a bogus email like Mike suggested, that should be fine. All that should do is when this user is listed as a ‘User to be Notified’ the email will fail to send to the bogus email address. It still should send to other Valid addresses however. 

As for the second question, can you confirm if the end goal is to update the section below for Alerts at a mass level:


If there is something else, can you provide a screenshot of what you’re looking to do?


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Hi @Greg Smolen,

thank you for answer

I’d prefer to remove the email, if it possible. If not, I’ll change it with a fake address as suggested


For the second question, my Alert section is a bit different


In the “To” field I would like to insert my custom group notify rather then master




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Hi @Bill Woodruff 

Thank you, I’ll open a case to support




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Great!  Share the incident with me once you get it created.