Restore from Commcell Migrated Tape Library

  • 11 October 2021
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I am performing a Commcell Migration and in the source Commcell there is a TapeLibrary that we need to migrate to the target Commcell. 

My question is if the historical data will be available for restores (i.e tapes will be migrated/re-labled as well).  And if using the option “Allow imported media to be reused on this Commcell” means that append will work once the TapeLibrary is migrated or if it is read only and tapes will be reused (moved to scratch) only once all data on them has expired. 

Regards, /Patrik


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@Patrik , as long as you migrate the clients and the library, you will be able to use that library to restore those jobs.

Regarding the second question, you have it in your second thought:

Reuse Imported Media on Destination CommCell

In CommCell Migration, when a library is migrated from source CommCell to destination CommCell, by default, it is not associated to any MediaAgent. Hence the associated media will not move to the scratch set even after the data is aged.

To reuse imported media on the destination CommCell, complete the following steps:

  1. From the CommCell Browser, right-click the <Destination CommServe>, point to  All Tasks CommCell Migration and then click Import From Folder.

  2. Enter the import location in the Import Folder box where the exported metadata is located.

    1. By default, Use local is selected to access imported files from local path.

      Click Use Network for a network location. If you select a UNC path, provide the access credentials to access the import location. Click User Name/Password to provide the user details.

    2. Click Next.

  3. Under Select CommCell, select the destination CommServe to import and click Next.

  4. Select the Source Library, Mount Path and Mount Path location on the destination CommCell for importing data and click Next.

  5. Enter a new name for the client if required. If nothing is specified the old name will be used. Click Next.

  6. From the Import Options window, select the Allow imported media to be reused on this CommCell check box and click Next.

  7. Review the selected import options for client import and data path and click Next.

  8. Click Finish to complete the import operation.

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Hi Mike, 

So once migrated restores will work from old tapes and if selected “Reuse Imported Media….” during migration, the tapes will be reused (send to the scratch-pool) once all data on them has expired.

After migration do I have to add/re-lable tapes in the scratch pool for new jobs in the target Commcell? Or are all tapes in the scratchpool on source Commcell reused immediately once migrated to target Commcell? 


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Should be reusable immediately.  It’s mostly a ‘do you want this tape to join this new CommCell, or do you need the tape back to the source CCID?’ setting.