Show only un-selected associations under the 'Entities Selection' section within Alerting

  • 9 September 2021
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Does anyone know of a method to show only ‘Un-selected’ within the alert wizard for ‘Data Protection’ jobs under the ‘Job Management’ Category?


I see the checkbox for ‘Show only selected’ under the ‘Entities Selection’ section, but I am looking for the inverse of this to show all backup clients that have been unselected instead.


This is to make sure that we are not missing any backup clients for alerting that have previously been deselected from this alert definition.


Thank you


Best answer by Brian Bruno 22 October 2021, 16:31

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8 replies

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Hi @John Paul Smith , thanks for the post and welcome to the community!

I’m not aware of any method, so I’ll ask internally.  We will likely create a CMR for this option, though I’m hoping someone knows something I do not!

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Hi @John Paul Smith,


I could absolutely see the value in what you’re asking for, although this is not functionality that exists in the UI today.  We could certainly request a CMR from engineering to add this into the product in the future.


To do so, it would be beneficial for a Support ticket to be opened.  For CMR’s to be created, we will need to :


  1. Start an internal thread with our Developers on your behalf asking if the requested change is feasible
  2. Assuming we receive approval, we’ll create the CMR for you.
  3. During the CMR creation process, we will tag your Commcell ID as the requestor, which will allow you to track the status of the MR via your dashboard.


For any modification requests that are considered ‘enhancements’ as opposed to ‘bug fixes’, they may take time to make it into the product.  We won’t be able to guarantee a specific turnaround time, though you would be able to track the status via your cloud dashboard and post comments as needed.


-Brian Bruno

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Thank you Brian.

As requested, I will raise a new support ticket for this potential enhancement and I will copy in the details of this forum post for reference purposes.


There is no urgency for this request. I was just curious if this is a feature that was available or could potentially be made available in future….thank you

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@John Paul Smith , did you end up making a case for this one?  If so, can you share the case number?


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Hello guys,

I have now logged Incident 211013-303 in relation to this request for reference...thank you

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Great!  I see @Brian Bruno grabbed the case and is reaching out to development.  I’ve also unmarked the Best Answer so we can add in the CMR number.

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Hi @John Paul Smith ,


Apologies for the delay here.  I just received confirmation from our engineering staff that they have accepted the MR.  I’ve just created it on your behalf - for your records, that MR# is 334099.  


I have attached your Commcell ID to the request, so if you are beaming Cloud Metrics Data to, that MR# should be exposed and visible on your Cloud Dashboard.  If you’re not doing uploads, you can always check on the status of the MR either with a Customer Support engineer, or your Account Representative.


At this time we are unable to provide an ETA on when it will get added to the product, but please be sure to check in periodically for status updates.  Once development has started coding the change, we’ll have a Form ID that we can track with a more specific release schedule.


Thanks again for your patience while we discussed this internally!

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Hi Brian. That’s great. Thanks for the update and I look forward to seeing this on a future Maintenance Release version with the additional functionality included...cheers