SIMCallWrapper issues with parameter -ConnectionInfo

  • 23 April 2021
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Hi All,


I’m working on a decoupled image template (FR20) that we want to register using SIMCallWrapper after deployment using a script.

In this scenario, The comms to the CS must go via a Network Gateway Proxy.

Whenever we use the “-ConnectionInfo” parameter with SIMCallWrapper, We get error output: “Invalid arguments received”.

Using the same format as documentation: [-ConnectionInfo GatewayHostname:Port].
Ref: Registering the Client Using the Command Line (

See below example:

SIMCallWrapper.exe -OpType 1000 -CSHost CSHOSTNAME -CSNAME CSNAME -clientName CLIENTNAME -ClientHostName CLIENTHOSTNAME -authcode AUTHCODE -overwriteClientInfo -output C:\install\install.xml -ConnectionInfo PROXYHOSTNAME:8403

I have managed to work around this issue by manually adding a rule to communicate to the CS via Proxy to the FwConfigLocal file, then removing “-ConnectionInfo” parameter from the SIMCallWrapper command to register the Client successfully.


Wondering if anyone has also seen this with the “-ConnectionInfo” parameter?


Thanks & Regards,



2 replies

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Hi @MichaelCapon 

Thanks for the question, I’ve run some searches and whilst I do see some recent support cases for client registration and SimCallWrapper, there is nothing out of the ordinary and these represent wide variety of issues and nothing specific or related to your experience.

Perhaps if we were to review CvInstallMgr.log or SimCallWrapper.log, CVD.log or cvfwd.log (the usual suspects :grin: ) these may reveal more details or an avenue to pursue.



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Hey @MichaelCapon , following up to see if you had a chance to share the log files (or review on your own):

CvInstallMgr.log or SimCallWrapper.log, CVD.log or cvfwd.log (the usual suspects :grin: ) as @Stuart Painter  called them!