Vmware restore speed - what do you get?

  • 25 November 2021
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Hi all.


Open Question!


I would like to know what I can expect from a Vmware restore, regards to the speed. At the moment I don’t know if my restore speeds are fast or slow. I’m not talking about reverting from a intellisnap snapshot, but fair and square network traffic.


What Vmware restore speeds do you get when restoring a single Vmware server?

I get:

nbd: around 500Gb/h

SAN: around 250Gb/h

Hotadd: Around 900Gb/h


Thanks for helping me to determine if my restores are slow.







2 replies

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Hi Michael.




Thin provisioning used.

NBD proxy is a physical HyperScale server.

Datastores are not deduplicated or compressed and do use thin-provision.




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Hi Anders,

To get a better understanding here, I have a few questions: 

Can you confirm what Disk Provisioning type you have for the VM Disk? - From the above results I am assuming Thin Provisioned?
Was the NBD restore using the Physical MA/VSA or the Virtual VSA Proxy?

Also, do you have any features on the Datastore Volume in play here? I.e. Thin-Provision, Deduplication or Compression?


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