Azure Access Node Autoscaling

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I have 2022E version of Commvault server in Azure installed. Then I created a Windows media agent and one Windows Access node (VSA agent). I created a Azure cloud library and a server plan. Then I created an IAM AD application (the traditional authentication way) in Azure and then a hypervisor client in Commvault. Then I followed instructions for autoscaling of the access nodes:

I would like to present this functionality to the customer before it will be transferred to production. The configuration seems to be OK, but all test backups are running via the 1st access node I created before. Unfortunately I have only 4 windows VM’s for testing.


In the documentation the condittion for creation of next access nodes are:

“The Commvault software determines the number of access nodes to create based on the following characteristics:

  • The Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

  • The throughput rate

  • The number of data readers that are configured for the VM group”

Please is there any idea, how to “trigger” the creation of next access nodes in the empty server group ?

Thanks for any help.


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