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  • 17 September 2021
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That would be a good gesture from Commvaults side, to make an advisory like that.


I might add, that it did not only help on restore speeds on vmware servers, but on all sorts of restores.

I have daily scheduled restores of MSSQL databases running, and before the changes, restores were running with around 500GB/h. After the changes, they are now restoring with 2.000-3.000GB/H depending on the load, so that’s quite a change in speeds.


I asked that question aswell, as I also have “normal” MediaAgents :-)

Its only specific to HyperScale setups, and “normal” MediaAgents is not affected by thees additional settings



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@Onno van den Berg my understanding is that this was specific to this exact issue and not an overall suggestion for all.

I’ll reach out to the engineer who suggested the key and confirm the above.

If not, I’m with you.  Something that can benefit all should be standard (which is something we do request from dev quite regularly).

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Ok. I'm really keen to learn what specific circumstance was in place in this case that required this setting to be put in place. 

Hope we get an answer soon! 

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Hi Michael.

Thanks for your reply.


That was my owne thought, that it was only using the vcenter for control data, thats why im wondering what is happening here.


I’m using nbd for the restores and thin provisioning disks.


I have made 10 tests this morning, and all restores via the esxi host directly is 3-4 times faster.


Checked the vsrst.log file, and MediaAgent read speeds are fast, so this is not the issue for sure. Issue is, that vcenter is involved in the restore for some how.




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Thanks @ApK ,

Would you be able to share the vsrst.log and a JobId of vCenter and ESX?


Best Regards,


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Hi Michael.


Would it be better to raise a case for this issue, to further investigate?




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I spoke to my colleague who explained that it is definitely helpful for some people, but not necessarily everyone.  It’s designed to increase the size of the sfiles to reduce read times (for what would instead be many smaller files).

Depending on various factors like retention, it may not be beneficial for everyone, though when it is then it works very well.