vm pack license- capacity consumption

  • 17 April 2023
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I have vm pack license and 1tb capacity license, am also taking file system level backup of some vms,

but it is counted in capacity consumption, is it the expected behaviour,?


In vm pack regardless of what kind of backup we are running this shouldnot count in capacity tb license right

5 replies

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Yes, as longs as the data resides on a VM that is protected using an agent than it should not be counted as unstructured data. 

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then something wrong with our comcell

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@Ajal on what version are you running? I have seen fixes in recent maintenance releases correcting defuncts related to licensing. 

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Whether you want it to consume VMs or Capacity is a judgement call which can vary based on what a customer is expecting to happen.  You might open a Support case, or contact your Account Team, and ask them about this.  I think the Licensing team can adjust its behavior via a new license key.


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@Scott Moseman  @Onno van den Berg 



If you have VM licenses, then these can be used to backup VMs, using the VSA agent.

If you additionally perform Filesystem backups inside these VMs or for other clients, this will count towards capacity license.


this is actually confusing , somewhere i see it will not count in capacity license some says it will count