Can we backup only Azure Stack HCI (Hypervisor) VM - specific files and folder instead of Entire VM?

  • 17 May 2024
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While attempting to initiate backup procedures, I observed that while I could back up the entire virtual machine (VM), I encountered difficulty in selecting specific files and folders when creating the VM group.

In my Azure Stack HCI environment, VMs are deployed, and my objective is to exclusively back up files and folders rather than the entire VM. Please refer to the image below for context.

We have followed this document foradding the HCI environment.

Could you kindly provide guidance on whether it's possible to back up only files and folders within VMs which are on Azure stack hci ? If so, could you please provide the necessary documentation for configuring this feature?


1 reply

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It is not possible using the virtual server agent - for any supported hypervisor we can only protect at the VM level, which is the VM at its entirety.

If you only want to protect specific files and folders, you have to install a file system agent on the VM and have the agent stream the files/folders over traditional network to a media agent.