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  • 23 April 2024
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hi guys, 

i decided, that i move my infrastrucutre backup from veeam to the commvault.  i have around 125 VM on VMware cluster ( 5 esx nodes). i the veeam i have a one bakcup job, after sucessfull backup the data is copied to the secondary location and every sunday is full backup (synthetic full) copied to the tape (Quantum Scalar i3 with 2x LTO 8 drives). 


now i looking for a right way, how to migrate/move to the Commvault. I have already prepared a two physical servers, one is for the commcell and second is for media-agent (direct attached iSCSI 10 GbE 80 TB NTFS and 2x FC 8 GB to tape library. 


i wanna to some best-practice :) 

  • its enought to have one VSA proxy in vmware or is best-practice to have on every esx host the proxy ? 
  • from some years ago i know the commcell console, but now is only html5 console ? 
  • how to setup the tape jobs and backup copy ? - aux copy its possible to create some tape media pool ? 
  • its better to have a one backup job for all vm or separate it for app, app/data, data, sql, infra ? 
  • how i can restore from tape ?, is there some dashboard or view what job is stored on which tape ? 


every manuals i found, is only for the commcell console, no one for commandcenter. 


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On the assumption that your MediaAgent meets the necessary hardware requirements, I would suggest you start off by using it as the VSA Access Node, and using NBD as the Transport Mode. If you find performance is lacking, you could then look at deploying a pair of virtual VSA Access Nodes, and leveraging Hot-Add Transport Mode. I think one Access Node per host is probably overkill, though. 

Configuring a single backup vs using VM Groups / Subclient distribution comes down to your environment, requirements, and preferences. I prefer to have multiple Subclients, so that I have more granular control - however, my experience is with significantly larger environments.

The Essential section of should provide reasonable guidance for configuring via Command Center. I am avoiding drinking that kool-aid until I have to, though.