automated mail restore from Exchange DB - folderTag and mailboxTag parameter

  • 7 November 2023
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in a workflow for automated mail restore from a Exchange DB, I need the parameter folderTag and mailboxTag. How I can request/get this values for a specific user from a recovery point?


As part of the recovery point creation and mining, I can see the edb file info and  folderTag/mailboxTag of user within the Exchange database, in the Commvault logs…  but the logs roll over, so no source to grab the parameter for the specific user.


Thx, Kay

2 replies

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Hey @KayB,

I’m not sure if this can be automated given that we rely on a browse operation to retrieve these items

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Hi Damian,
thanks for reply.  I use a pre-restore browse to get the session id…  have to check if I get all information required from the browse response.