Is it Possible to get hostName from ClientID

  • 13 October 2023
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I’m integrating CommVault API in order to have all client ( VM, client which make backup and Kubernates Application) in a single dataframe.
/client route returns hostName,clientName,displayName
/VM  returns several information of which returns clientName,displayName but not HostName
/v4/Kubernetes/Applications return several information of which name but not displayName and HostName

While I know that a VM may not have a phisical hostName and kubernates Applications may not have an hostName since it’s dockerized containers, it is possible to have the hostName for Kubernates and VMs?

/client has all 3 name columns(hostName,clientName,displayName)
/VM has 2 name columns(clientName,displayName)
/Applications has only one name column (name)

Or, I can do the assumption that
VM Client Name can be added to hostname
Kubernates application names can be considered as HostName?
like hostName = clientName = name ?

Thanks for all the clarification

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Hello @John_DE 


Thank you for reaching out to Commvault Community! Just to confirm, do you need to just pull VM hostnames using API? If so, you can try using the API below:


GET http://WebConsoleHostName/webconsole/api/VM?guid=502d4368-5d71-1341-dd53-e1ffbf4f9b0d


The GUID is just a sample, however, this will pull the hostname for the the VM as per the screenshot below (VMHost):



You can find more examples of API’s from our API site below:


Please let me know if this helps!

Chuck Graves

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Hi, I’ve solved by using the clientName field that is present in VM and /client.
Thank you for your solution