Multitenant configuration

  • 22 June 2023
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A question about the implementation of multitenat when using the same commserve.

I have not been able to understand if it is necessary a server that acts as a proxy, or that must be enabled to implement it, is there a step by step guide for such implementation, in my case I already have a solution in production and the requirement is to install another company that has a mediagent but that is in a separate environment and does not share resources with the first production environment, acting as a separate solution. is it possible?

1 reply

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Hey @GLEN1,

I don't have enough context to your question to provide a good answer re: proxy - proxy for what exactly?

There is full multi-tenancy documentation that can help get you started here:

Most tenancy situations mean shared infrastructure - as that drives down costs. So having something like dedicated media agents per tenant is possible but you may need to build more of your own automation to achieve that.