Register a decoupled installation with RestAPI

  • 23 October 2023
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I have a question regarding register a client with RestAPI.

In our environment we install by default a decoupled file system agent on each client.
In case we need the client to register (e.g. for additional agents), we register the client via Console and fetch the configuration from the client. Additionally we have a script, which can do the same. This script is using qcommands.

Since we are planning to migrate all of our scripts to use RestAPI instead of qcommands, we are looking for a method to perform the register via RestAPI.

I saw, there is a function for POST Install Client, but I didn’t get it running to do the registering only.

Do anybody has a clue how to perform a register and fetching client info only?

I tried to check that Command Center and have a look on the “aquivalent API”, but it seems a register only isn’t implemented there. Also in the documentation there is described only how to perform via Console and SimCallWrapper.

Maybe somebody has an idea :-)

Many thanks in advance!

3 replies

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Please try the API mentioned on the DOC and let us know if this helps.

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@Navneet Singh 
As mentioned, I didn’t get it running :-(
That was the reason why I opened a thread here.

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Forgot to mention the DOC. Did you used the below DOC: