Running pre- and pos- backup scripts only with full backups using Workflows

  • 25 September 2023
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This is my first attempt to resolve some problem using Workflows.

I have a default subclient that backup all DBs on Windows SQL using SQL agent.

The attached schedule policy runs full daily at 9 PM and then tlogs every 2 hours.

The problem is that a pre and post script has to be run on the client before every full backup, but not during tlogs backup, so I cannot use the pre/post script tab in the subclient properties.


Is it possible to create a workflow that will monitor this subclient activity and if the CommCell is trying to run the full backup, the workflow will pause it, run the script, wait until is finished and resume the backup, and run the post script at the end, but when is backing up tlogs, will bypass both scripts?


Sorry if I am overcomplicating things, if there is a simpler solution, all welcome to share it :)




3 replies

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@M. Milewski 

You can try creating the workflow using the below documentation. If not working then reach out to your account manager so our personalization team will assist you to create a custom workflow.

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Thanks @Navneet Singh for your reply. I red that article already.

I was hoping for some simple examples how to start creating the workflow.

There are plenty tutorials how to backup VM using a workflow, but I want the workflow to start when the backup job kicks off, and depends on a backup type (full or tlogs) do specific tasks.


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@M. Milewski 

For sample workflow example. You can follow the below DOC: