Workflow: Clientlist sorting

  • 24 February 2023
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When creating an input for a Workflow to select a client, I use the following


Unfortunately the clientlist is sorted on client-id, not on client-name.

Anyone an idea to change to sortfield ?

2 replies

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Hi @Lucien


Currently sorting on this Input type is not possible.  We would need a Modification Request in order to add this functionality in a future release.


There is an alternative to do this today, however it would require an Interactive workflow to query the list of client names you’re looking for via a CommservDBQuery and perform pre-sorting via an ‘order by’ claus, and then using a Popup Input activity to select the Client.


This would of course require the workflow to be executed first before a client is selected, as it would require one of the activities inside the workflow to prompt the user to select the desired client, though it would allow you to pre-sort the client names alphabetically before it’s presented in the drop down.


I can ask engineering for a modification request to grant the ability to sort a workflow-level input if you’d like.  I’ll just need your Commcell ID to associate the modification request to.  Feel free to send me a private message.


-Brian Bruno



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Brian before you submit this, there should be something like this for configuration elements in the workflow editor as well.


When you create a workflow and define configuration inputs it appears sorted by clientid which makes it take entirely too much time to find the identity you are looking for. 

this may or may not be related but its my suggestion that all elements should always be sorted by name by default.


also I have exactly the query you are referring to I will post it later.