Introducing Commvault Cloud, powered by Metallic AI

  • 3 November 2023
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Introducing Commvault Cloud, powered by Metallic AI
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Today, Commvault introduced Commvault® Cloud, powered by Metallic AI® — the industry's leading platform for cyber resilience. With advanced risk governance capabilities, automated tools for compliance, AI-driven anomaly detection, and new capabilities including Cleanroom Recovery and Cloudburst Recovery, Commvault Cloud is the right solution to empower your organization on their journey to cyber resilience.  


What's Commvault Cloud? 

Commvault Cloud is built from the ground up to provide you with data security and recovery, at scale. You shouldn’t have to be locked into one architecture or a set of boxes you must deploy.  

Our platform is designed to run as self-hosted software or appliance or managed by Commvault As-a-Service (aaS). Our platform architecture is different by design, with our ability to separate the control planes from the data. The separation between the control plane and data plane allows the data to be secured at multiple sites on a broad array of storage platforms without the need for compute resources being coupled. 


What's Metallic AI? 

Metallic AI is our name for an advanced set of AI capabilities that include generative AI, analytics, and automated remediation that enable Commvault Cloud to provide the highest level of cyber resilience. It combines the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence with risk scanning and threat detection, allowing for early identification of security threats and minimization of their impact. This allows for faster recovery times, as well as comprehensive threat scanning, intelligent quarantining, clean recovery validation, and the fastest recovery.  


Overview of features and benefits 

Our cyber resilience platform provides enhanced security and intelligence, rapid recovery times, and the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). It offers unified management capabilities that give quick access to an organization’s data and applications in hybrid cloud environments. The Commvault Cloud interface allows for active management with setting polices and, while still allowing individual sites the ability for discreet management. I’d love to cover all the great new features, but I wanted to share a few key features and how they can help your organization.  


Security & Simplicity 

  • Unified management — Commvault Cloud’s global management capabilities give visibility and active management to organizations. Manage SaaS, edge, and on-prem control planes with Commvault Cloud’s interface to provide global rollups of data and enforce policies. 

  • Data security posture management — Want to know what is lurking in your production data? To secure your data, you need to know where your data is and what is in it. Commvault Cloud brings new ways to find, categorize, and act on sensitive data in live and backup data environments. It scans for new threats across your critical data sets to help you secure PII and other sensitive data, with remediation and automation baked in! 


Intelligence — Ransomware is a multi-billion-dollar global business. With threats emerging faster than ever, criminals are turning toward AI to find new ways to infiltrate and extort money. 

  • AI-driven threat prediction — With Threat Scan Predict, customers can fight bad-AI with good-AI capabilities. Scan for shapeshifting polymorphic attacks and spot new zero-day threats with greater fidelity. Finding threats earlier in an attack can help limit the exposure for your organization and reduce the costs to cleanly recover. 

  • AI assistant capabilities — Commvault Cloud now includes several new AI capabilities, which you can find out more about on our Metallic AI page. Code Assist takes a natural language query and returns an API code you can use. With Code Assist you have a personal aid that generates meaningful code tied specifically to Commvault Cloud functions and workflows. From establishing polices, to pausing or starting backup jobs, and everything in between, Code Assist reduces manual effort for users through generative AI and automation.  


Recovery with speed & scale 

  • Cleanroom Recovery — Incident response plans are hard enough to create without the threat of ransomware & cyber threats, but with cyberattacks come the real possibility that the hardware and firmware can be infected too. How can you recover when you can’t trust the data or the hardware? Enter Commvault Cloud Cleanroom Recovery. It combines the power of Commvault Cloud’s any-to-any platform architecture and application verification automation with Microsoft Azure to provide a clean, ransomware free environment to recover data for testing, forensics, or cyber recovery. 

  • Cloudburst Recovery – When a cyber-attack or disaster strikes, you need to recover quickly. Every hour your data goes unrecovered, you risk losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. The problem is, most recovery solutions are only able to recover some of your data, some of the time, over a matter of days, if not weeks. That’s why we built Commvault Cloud Cloudburst Recovery. It uses massively parallel recovery to restore multiple data sets at the same time using infrastructure-as-code automation and can leverage the unlimited scale, elasticity, and efficiency of the cloud or deploy additional nodes to support recovery on-prem. This means you can cleanly recover faster and at a price that won’t break the bank. 


Next Steps 


Interested in learning more? Reach out to your account rep to learn more about our new capabilities. Also, keep an eye our here as we will have our Tech Preview release coming in December for you to try out. 

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