11.34.22 - How To Retire Index/Analytics Servers

  • 4 May 2024
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Does anyone know how to retire an Index/Analysis Server that contains roles?  I can get all of the roles to remove except the last one.  I also just attempt to right-click on the Index Server entity and choose Delete, but it says that it is associated to DC Plans [ODA_DCPLAN_8534] and to remove the connection and try again.  We only have 2 plans - Threat Analysis and FSO.  There is no association or relationship I can find in the Command Center to either plan let alone any other backup plans.  All I want to do is delete the Index Server I created - there isn’t any data on it.  It had another node on it at one time, but I also removed that from the configuration hoping to tear it down one piece at a time.  Please help!  Very frustrating.  We are running Windows Server 2022 on the CS and FSO/Threat Analysis on the 2 Index Servers.  These servers are VMs.  

1 reply

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Hello @Sleepy Joe 

Sorry for your frustration on this issue! I have seen in the past when index servers were created around FR24 time frame that they hook into weird tables in the CSDB and not allow the removal. If you are getting an error about it being associated to a plan but you cannot see that association at all i would recommend raising a support ticket to review. It could take a deeper review of the CSDB or a Dev escalation to resolve this issue.

Kind regards
Albert Williams