Auxcop Streams , what triggers them to increase during the job

  • 15 February 2023
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I have an Auxcopy job running, it allocates 55 streams and as time progresses those streams gradually drop as streams complete. I now have my Auxcopy that has been sitting on 7 jobs for a couple of hours.


When I kill the job and restart it I go back up to 61 streams.


  1. Am I improving things by doing this, will my job finish faster?
  2. Why does the streams not increase by itself during the job or why does it take so long to do so?
  3. Can I improve this?

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Can you please confirm you’re running you Aux Copy with “Scalable Resource Enabled”?

If not, you can kill the running Aux and run it ensuring Scalable is enabled 

By default the AuxCopy with scalable will process 1000 jobs at a time, this can be modified by increasing the batch size in the Scalable Resource Tab 

In addition when Scalable is enabled, you can control how often new data is picked to be copied while the job is running, by default this is 45 minutes and can be reduced down to 15.

This will ensure that any idle streams will be re-populated if new data is available. 
Minimum interval in minutes for picking new data for Scalable Resource Auxiliary Copy job

Default Value: 45
Range: 15 to 360