“Client Direct to Device” problem with PowerProtectDD integration

  • 22 August 2023
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After configuring Data Domain Boost Access library,there is still ethernet traffic through MA when backup.

So what can I do to achieve this feature (The Commvault Data Domain Boost Access library type also offers “client direct to device” accelerated backups and restores. Clients can backup and restore directly to and from the Dell EMC® Data Domain® without having to send the data through a remote MediaAgent eliminating additional network transmission).



1 reply

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Hello @lizf 

Its a 2 step process, please confirm if you have followed both the steps:

Moreover the MA has to communicate with commserve server for other tasks as well like index updating, deduplication, ageing etc. Moreover if its an access node then snapshots will be using it too.  

If you are still facing performance issues, you can raise a case with us so that we can analyze the configuration and the environment accordingly.  


Rajiv Singal