Create backup copy from NetApp (backup target) to another NetApp using SnapMirror

  • 17 September 2023
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Hi all,

We have Pure as a primary storage. Using CommVault (via IntelliSnap) we backup data from it (Snap Copy). Then we mount snapshots to Media Agent (MA) and perform backup copy (Primary) from snapshots to our primary backup storage - which is NetApp (NA1). We have another similar NetApp in different location (NA2).

Question - is it possible to create additional backup copy from Primary copy using SnapMirror\SnapVault?

It is possible to create additional Snapshot Copy but you have to use NetApp as a primary storage. Which is not a case.

So we want to have second backup copy (NA2) and it should be available as a source for restore for clients. And we don’t want to utilize our MAs and network when NetApps can do everything themselves.


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6 replies

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Hi @Space Monkey 

Just to be clear, do you want to replicate Backup Copy data already on NA1 to NA2 using Snapmirror?


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Hi @R Anwar 

Correct. But it shouldn’t be “unknown” data for Commvault. Commvault should understand that this is another backup copy. 

Similar like Commvault can do with NetApp Open Replication using Snapshot Copy policy (Mirror or Vault). But in this case our primary storage is not a NetApp. It is another array. We just want to copy backups copy using NetApp features.

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Hi @Space Monkey 

Indexes are where we have info of what RAW frontend data we have backed up. In case of Backup Copy, CV knows what it is but doing a replication, the frontend raw format has changed so it will be seen as V_ or CHUNK_.

So, doing a replication on NetApp NA1 to NA2 wouldn’t help. Instead using NetApp NA1 & NA2 for snap replication and Pure as Backup copy is a better solution.

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Hi @R Anwar 

Can you please elaborate more, because I'm not sure that I'm following you.

Our data is hosted on Pure. Pure our primary storage - not a backup one. NetApp is our backup storage.

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Basically the source snap and the replica snap need to be same vendor and be listed as supported by CommVault here:


If you have snap primary in Pure then you have the support to replicate snapshot to Pure but not to other vendor like NetApp. A suggestion that was provided earlier was to use NetApp for snapshot replication as both are available at each site, but I guess Pure is better for production storage if your NetApp is not AFF…...

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Thanks to Medard Ludwicki from Commvault who point me to Replica Libraries - Configuring a Replica Library ( This simple solution allows you to offload replication to the storage and at the same time use DR site for restore. This is exactly what we need.