Failed to mount media with barcode [CV10411111M8]

  • 30 December 2021
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Failed to mount media with barcode [CV1041111M8]. Reason: The required media is currently in a different library. Advice: Import this media into the correct library and retry the operation. 

whY is he complaing for DR server WHY?   


this job was run by HQ media server and also copy by HQ media drive now my issue is why is it complaining of media that did not even write the job




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Hello Alexzy,


Does this tape contain source data, and therefore needed in the source library, to be read from, and copied for the job? 


Is this a tape needed in the destination library, to be written to?


First determine what library the tape needs to be in.

Then find what library the tape currently resides.


If you right click on “Storage Resources” in the Commcell Browser, and select “Find Media”, you can enter the specific tape barcode and view the location details for that tape, and confirm if its in the correct library.

If its in the wrong library, export the tape, and import to the correct library

(this must be done logically in Commvault, as well as physically with the tape media itself.)


Please check and let us know.