failed to read db error when adding nfs mountpath

  • 28 March 2023
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Hi team 


I am trying to add an network mount path to commvault storage library. I assign the mediaagent then choose network then pick the credential and input the path. When I click OK it takes a long time to load then gives the error:


"Failed to read db".


This is commvault version 11.24.94 recently upgraded from SP16.


I tried looking at the logs but I can't se to find the relevant logs.


Anyone with an idea?


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2 replies

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Hi Matt,

The mediaagent was also upgraded yes.


I have discovered the issue was that i deleted a mountpath and the delete operation was still undergoing on the library. During that time when i try to create a new mountpath it gives the error failed to read db. However, after the delete operation on the library completed and the mountpath was no longer there, i was able to configure the nfs mountpath without the error.


Thanks for you assistance


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Was the Media agent in question also upgraded to 11.24.94? Please upgrade it, if not.

If that doesn’t help, can you attach the Evmgrs.log from the Commserve and CVMA.log from the Media Agent for review?