MediaAgent Deletion Impact Report shows an association that is not there ?

  • 20 January 2023
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We’ve recently moved media-agents to new servers, and i’m now in the process of “cleaning up”. And for 3 of the 4 media-agents the report showed nothing, and i could delete the mediaagent without any issue.


However, for the last media-agent, it complains about “Proxy Server to Perform Intellisnap Backup Operations”, and lists a client name, a backupset name, and a subclient name.

This was “correct”, because there was a subclient there with that name that was configured for intellisnap (but not in use, and had no backups). So i deleted the subclient… but even so, now several days later, when i try to delete the media-agent, the report still complains about the same “issue”.


I could ofcourse just ignore the “warning” and proceed with the deletion, but i’d much prefer for the report to show that there is no association, before proceeding with the deletion.

4 replies

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Hi @Bjorn M 

In some clients/configs there’s multiple places where this could be enabled.

Try checking the properties of the Client itself, instance, backupset etc and see if you can see any associations to the Media Agent in question.

Also, what agent is installed on the Client in question here? 


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Hello @Bjorn M 

Please use the below link for the cleanup of IntelliSnap proxy config

Let us know if this resolves the issue

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@Matt Medvedeff 

The installed packages are:

File System Core, MediaAgent, Storage Accelerator, Index Store, VSS Provider, IntelliSnap, File System, Virtual Server.


Under “Properties” and “Advanced” i’ve unchecked the “Enable IntelliSnap” option, but that did not seem to help. Also on the default subclient, i’ve verified that under advanced properties>Intellisnap Operations, “Intellisnap” is not checked.

However the “association” the report is complaining about is a subclient named “Intellisnap_test” … which was there when i ran the report the first time, and then deleted….. but the report still complains about it when i generate it.

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@Zubair Ahmed Sharief 

Unfortunately the subclient it complains about (Intellisnap_test) does not exist any longer. In an attempt to solve this, I deleted the subclient. However, the Media Agent Deletion Impact Report still complains about that subclient, even if it does no longer exist.